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Acuity Finance understand the challenges that businesses, landlords and developers face. We specialise in non-regulated Bridging loans and our approach is simple, transparent, flexible and fast. Find a loan solution that suits your needs here.

We are a proud lender Patron of NACFB and have been helping clients for many years by providing tailored solutions for their finance needs, with a proven track record of delivering bespoke, innovative, cost-effective and rapid funding solutions.


Acuity Finance have been helping clients for years by providing tailored solutions for their finance needs and has a proven track record of delivering bespoke, innovative, cost-effective and rapid funding solutions.

Acuity Finance -  Urgent Development funds

Urgent Development funds

Client required a funding line of £500k for cashflow for the business and to finish a development of 2 properties

The client had acquired 8 pieces of land over 3-4 years and had planning permission in for the 6 properties across the titles – making a very complex mix of security

The client needed the funds within 2 weeks as they had been let down by another funder

The complex security structure was reviewed and pulled together to form the primary security for the deal

The deal was paid away within the timescales required and the client now has the funds to push on and finish the current development in the next 3-4 weeks

The client has requested that Acuity Finance put more facilities in place for the rest of the development of the buildings due to Acuity Finance being so easy to work with and also provided the speed to get the deal done

Acuity Finance - Consolidation image


The prospect required £300,000 within 3 weeks to consolidate unsecured debts that were crippling the monthly cash flow of the business

The business owned 2 properties, both with 1st charge lenders currently incumbent on them

1 of the properties was being sold and therefore the client did not want a full 2nd charge putting on the property and potentially unhinging the sale

Acuity Finance were able to put a notice (with Land Registry) on the property which allowed a smooth sale process and allowed a capital repayment within 4 weeks of the pay out of the initial deal

This was a complex group structure with 1 holding company and 3 trading businesses that supported cash flow

Legal work, consents and valuations were completed within 7 days of the initial terms being signed and sent back, with the deal completing within the required timeframe


Having been fortunate enough to work with  Sarah, Jamie and the team at Acuity Finance for many years they are always a pleasure to deal with.  Very experienced, professional, personable and pragmatic you know when you submit a deal to Acuity that it will be actioned swiftly.  And that everything will be open, transparent and with no hidden surprises.  We consider them a key funding partner and look forward to working with them for many more years to come.

Belinda Roughton
Director of Property and Business Finance with Invoice Finance Solutions

Acuity and their team are by far one of the best and easiest to deal with finance companies I have ever dealt with, and I would highly recommend them. They turned around a £200,000.00 bridge for me in 4 days during lockdown when two other lenders had let me down. I could not recommend Acuity and the team more highly!

MD of Serviced offices company, Grimsby

Having been let down by another lender, we were really concerned that the site was going to be lost and with a lot of time invested we asked our broker to find us a solution with a lender that could do the loan within the timescales.  Acuity was great from the start, understood our needs and pulled out all the stops to get the deal over the line, looking forward to working with them again.

Director & Developer – South West