£250,000 Bridging for Cashflow Loan Secured for Tech Start-up
October 10, 2022

£250,000 Bridging for Cashflow Loan Secured for Tech Start-up

Acuity Finance

£250,000 Bridging for Cashflow Loan Secured for Tech Start-up

An early-revenue tech business in the Southwest of England recently contacted Acuity Finance to help secure the funds needed to formally roll out their product to the wider tech markets.

After a successful soft launch, they required the loan to aid their cashflow during the difficult financial period of pushing their product to a wider range of potential clients.

What were the client’s requirements?

Since cashflow was the client’s main concern when searching for a loan, it was critical that the client was offered a well-structured and logical repayment structure. This would help ensure that the client is able to make regular repayments without putting them under financial strain and allowed them to keep pushing into the wider market.

The client also needed access to the money quickly to maintain their momentum following the success of their soft launch.

How did we help our client?

Our bridging finance team were able to secure a £250,000 business cashflow loan over a 12-month term, allowing the client to plan their next moves accordingly and afford their repayment instalments. This loan was secured and given to the client within three weeks of initial contact.

We secured the facility by way of a 2nd legal charge over the principle’s primary residential property, debenture over the borrowing business, and personal guarantee of the principle.

Additionally, we guaranteed the client six months of retained interest to give them the breathing room they needed through the early months of the process. Adding the initial interest onto the end of the loan allowed the client to reap the rewards of their emergence into the wider market before worrying about interest payments.

Acuity Finance

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