How Our Core Values Ensure We Drive Business and Client Success
October 29, 2022

How Our Core Values Ensure We Drive Business and Client Success

Acuity Finance

Business finance is an industry that must be approached with care and understanding. That’s why, when it comes to financial solutions and loans, our clients, and the challenges they face remain at the core of our business.  

As an owner-managed business, we are able to provide tailored and flexible funding solutions that match our client’s needs. Our tailor-made solutions are delivered in line with a set of core values, that guide our work, and which every employee of Acuity Finance adheres to – leading to us becoming an accredited Patron lender of NACFB.

If you’re looking for a flexible, high-quality, and compliant service when it comes to finance, we can be finance lenders, or funding partners to your business. Read on to find out how we provide a stellar service, no matter what working relationship you may have with us.


Our core values help define the way we work

As a leading provider of business finance solutions, it’s vital that we put our clients first. We specialise in providing tailored and bespoke loans that match the needs of every customer perfectly, all with a quick turnaround.

To do this consistently and effectively, we ensure a customer-focused approach that incorporates the following core values:

- Transparency 

- Quality

- Dedication

- Responsibility

- Simplicity 


We are passionate about upholding these values, whether it be through the dedication we show to our clients, the quality of our service, or our continual and transparent communication. As our Managing Director Sarah Radley explains:

“Our team take a customer-focused approach and show continued enthusiasm for our client's projects, whether new or old. Their passion for providing excellent service at a fair price is second to none.”

Maintaining these values consistently is key to facilitating success for both ourselves, and the clients we work with who trust us to find the best business finance solutions for them. Every employee holds them close to their heart.


These core values have helped inform business decisions

Our core values help us identify and deliver the best possible service to our clients – we strive to match every individual with the perfect financial solution for them and their situation.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and tailored approach to loans, but sometimes we need to admit that we don’t have the right products for every single project.

In cases like these, it is our responsibility to turn down prospective clients and point them in the right direction, as saying no is just as important as saying yes.

It’s quite common in our industry that clients are sold an incorrect product just to get them through the door. Not only is this unethical, but it also results in a bad experience between the lender and the client.

Our flexible approach means that we can provide a huge range of tailored loans for almost all purposes, but it also helps us identify the occasional times when we cannot help our client as much as we’d like to.

However, it also means that we can help a huge variety of businesses in need of loans and other financial solutions. We can even use our core values to help develop our staff and prepare them for the future when they may choose to move on from Acuity Finance, too!


Our membership with NACFB demonstrates our excellent services

We recently became members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) to further develop our professional connections and push the trustworthy nature of our brand.

The association was formed in1992 with the aim of connecting and assisting all commercial finance brokers and lenders helping businesses and property developers with their needs. Since then, it has grown into the largest trade association of its kind in the UK.

NACFB members abide by the industry recognised Code of Practice, adhering to the highest industry and regulatory standards to ensure those who need access to their database will only be provided with the highest quality service. On these grounds, it is an honour to have been granted permission to join.

Our NACFB membership is just one part of our long-term growth plan, in which longevity and sustainability are our ultimate goals.


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