Urgent £450,000 Bridging Loan Funded in Less Than Two Weeks
June 16, 2022

Urgent £450,000 Bridging Loan Funded in Less Than Two Weeks

Acuity Finance

We were recently approached by an experienced property developer based in the South West who required an urgent £450,000 bridging loan for a property development project with an open market value (OMV) of £900,000 and a gross development value (GDV) of £2.5 million.


What were the client’s requirements?

Our client required a £450,000 bridge on their development site. However, the deal was price sensitive and time pressured, as they were recently let down by another lender and now required the funds urgently before the completion deadline of two weeks.


As our client explained:


“Having been let down by another lender, we were really concerned that the site was going to be lost and with a lot of time invested, we asked our broker to find us a solution with a lender that could do the loan within the timescales, and he introduced us to Acuity Finance.”


How did we help our client?

Our fast and flexible solutions allowed us to fund the required £450,000 12-month non-regulated bridging loan at a rate of 0.8% per month before the two-week completion deadline.


Firstly, we ensured that we clearly understood the client's requirements, then our team of specialists utilised a re-type of the valuation and with the support of our specialist legal advisors, we expedited the application process and completed the deal within 10 days.


As our client explained:


“Acuity was great from the start, understood our needs and pulled out all the stops to get the deal over the line, looking forward to working with them again.”


Acuity Finance

We have been supporting business owners, developers and landlords for years by providing tailored funding solutions, such as property development finance.


We also pride ourselves on our fast and flexible funding solutions, delivering loans in as little as 5 working days to ensure that clients can meet all time sensitive requirements.


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